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In one After School Good News Club® a child asked “what did mother nature create because you said God created all things?”  Our children are bombarded on a daily basis with this type of error that they take for truth.  As you look at the news, the broadcasters say, “mother nature is packing a punch” referring to severe rain or snow storms.  Too often we are desensitized to this type of error; however, the children hear and believe because they don’t know the Truth.

Renee, Good News Club Ministry


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Beverly Carroll and Renee Walker taught an older CEF lesson series to 5 children at Trinidad Bap..

CEF of the Greater Washington, DC Metro Area 2017/2018 Ministry Totals04-Oct-2018

276 children enrolled in Good News Club® with 26 being counseled for salvation 429 children enro..

Children's Ministry Conference04-Oct-2018

We are grateful to everyone who attended our Children's Ministry Conference on September 22 and ..

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Praise God for the 19 teachers who attended our September 10 Good News Club Volunteer Kicko..

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